Monday, July 19, 2010

a few of my favorite performances by people who are dead now.

See title for explanation.

Cab Calloway - "Minnie the Moocher"

Frank Sinatra & Louis Armstrong - "The Birth of the Blues"

Fred Astaire - "Puttin' On the Ritz"

Thursday, July 15, 2010

new job

So I've finally secured myself a fulltime job. I'm a production coordinator for College Humor in their orignal videos department. Basically, I sit at a computer and email people and wait for them to email me back. I cast actors and acquire permits. I order large quantities of food for the crew, which has been working out pretty well, and which I attribute to my previous experiences working in fast food. Sometimes I attend meetings and carry a little briefcase thing.

We work in this gigantic building by the Chelsea Piers called IAC. It contains many other companies, including Vimeo and Busted Tees. Here's what it looks like:

Our building is the little brown one.

Just kidding! The windows are $100,000 apiece.

People seem to think that College Humor is a great place to work. Why:
-It's run mostly by dudes
-There's almost no one employed here older than 29
-No one takes themselves seriously, and almost the entire staff performs in the vidoes, often as exagerrated forms of themselves
-The interns are treated as equals to the employees
-Nerf guns are everywhere and most of our days are filled by watching viral videos on Youtube.

Everyone has a Tumblr. Here are some of them:

Scam Machine: My own, which I've been updating more regularly than this blog lately (though I still prefer Blogger).

Oh Yeah! Bennett Wilson: Dedicated to our eccentric production manager Bennett Wilson, who's recently taken on the hobby of building the world's largest things.

A Different Thing is My Dick: Adam Newman features different things as his dick.

I'd admittedly never watched a CH video before getting hired, but now that I'm paid to be here, I've gotta say their shit is kind of great--and not just because I'm paid to be here. (Only partially.) Here are some recent sketches I've especially liked:

That last one was just critiqued by political savant Bill O'Reilly:

In summation: I've worked for free. I've worked for psychologically abusive tyrants. I've worked with cynics who hate the meaningless content they must produce day in and day out. Now I'm working in a place that has the talking statue from Legends of the Hidden Temple.