Sunday, April 26, 2009

who died and made you king of the zombies?

Since 2007, SUNY Purchase has annually celebrated the mystery of death and the even greater mystery of un-death with our very own ZOMBIE PROM. Dancing, mayhem, the feasting of brains, and a ton of fake blood--who short of Michael Jackson would dream this up?

A: Art school kids.

1. Me & Kelley 2. Jake 3. Boy-Sam (all from 2008). Photos by Alan.

If you enjoy getting drunk and playing dress up, which any post in this blog should tell you I do, then zombie prom is a great time. I've never been able to give it the proper documentation it deserves, but this year they set up a green screen for pictures. Huzzah! Braaaaaaaainnnnns.

And people wonder why I'm gonna miss this school.

Fela Kuti - Zombie!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

insane clown posse (art must be beautiful)

I recently read an article on how to be a great conversationalist. It advised against bringing up certain topics that could potentially offend, including politics, religion, unpleasant smells, and "dark topics such as serial killers and stalkers." If I can't bring up serial killers, then WHAT am I supposed to talk about? The weather?

Along that line of thinking, I give you a few snapshots from MARRIED GIRL, a film by Alex Lopez, aka A. Lo, i.e. my classmate (shown above). She needed extras dressed as clowns emerging from a giant vagina, for a shroom hallucination sequence. Try to note the smiley face balloon which aptly represents the clitoris. The dress I wore is vintage mod gear from the 60s that I inherited. I did my own make-up; going for the "dead clown" look, I was often mistaken for a member of Kiss. I'D REALLY LIKE TO KNOW WHICH ONE.

The answer is Ace Frehley.

This week I was also subject to Marina Abramović's ART MUST BE BEAUTIFUL. It comments on society's obsession with beauty and the pain it inflicts on women (in this case, translated literally) who are expected to carry the burden. It also goes on for much longer than that and we had to watch most of it. "Wow! Gross! Deep." Personally I think the 30-second clip suffices.

I guess that makes it a feminist friday??